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  As a CISO or Security Manager, you understand your organization’s need to remain one step ahead of cybercriminals searching for gaps in your ...
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08.28.2018 | Cybersecurity

Posted by Yaniv Bar-Dayan
   Figuring out the best way to leverage the cyber risk landscape with growing numbers of vulnerabilities every day is a daunting task, to say the ...
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  With proper cyber hygiene, you can control IT processes - rather than being controlled by endless (and unhygienic) vulnerabilities.
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  As we discussed in a previous post, a tsunami of known vulnerabilities is flooding businesses worldwide. In fact, the number of vulnerabilities ...
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  According to CVE Details, the number of vulnerabilities reported to date in 2018 (6559) already tops the total number of vulnerabilities reported ...
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  “Don’t wake a sleeping lion.” This was the reaction my two co-founders Tal Morgenstern, Roy Horev, and I had gotten over and over again when ...
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